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Bring the past alive! By having these historical aircraft at your next open house, fly-in or airshow.


Golden Wings Museum has a number of aircraft that can be available to fly into your pancake breakfast, open house, public appearance, movie, dedication or airshow.



Of this current collection of 37 vintage aircraft, most been completely restored to their original flying condition.  From the 1920s and 30s, that pioneering age of aviation, these aircraft are a must see!  This collection offers many historical one of a kind flyers.


The 1928 Ford Trimotor, the "Tin Goose" was used in many aspects of early aviation.  Also available is the rare and very historical 1931 Stinson Trimotor SM-6000-B, American Airlines early passenger transport.   The 1927 Fairchild FC-2-W2 is an aircraft that was the first aircraft purchased by the NASA. Marked as "NACA 26", this aircraft was the first to be flown in a NACA paint scheme. Also the historical PT-19, PT-23, and PT-26, aircraft that thousands of cadets took their first training flights in as our WWII pilots.


It's those fun local events that help preserve these fantastic and historical aircraft.  We are as excited to operate them as visitors are to see them.


This is what helps to bring the past alive!



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