1929 Paramount Cabinaire



Photo's By Xavier Meal


The Paramount Cabinaire was an interesting example in a small family-type airplane; trim, and very compact, it didn't have that big expensive look, and seems to be a craft one would thoroughly enjoy owning and flying around the home port.  Quite proud of the Cabinaire and rightfully so, Walter Carr, designer, demonstrated its ability on every opportunity.  As a contestant in the hard-fought National Air Tour for 1930, he flew the Cabinaire model 165 to 15th place amongst a very determined field.


This Cabinaire held construction number (C/N) 7 and was built in 1929.  It has the original Wright Model 540, 5 cylinder 165 hp engine, with registration N17M.


The fuselage framework was of welded steel tubing, wings of laminated spruce spar beams; the complete framework was covered with fabric.  There were apparently 9 manufactured before the company failed during the great Depression and closed its doors in June of 1932.




Empty Weight - 1,620 lbs.                             Cruising Speed - 102 mph

Useful Load - 1,010 lbs.                                 Max Speed - 120 mph

Fuel Capacity - 50 gallons                              Landing Speed - 45 mph

Cruising Range - 9.5 gal/hr 500 miles          Climb Rate - 780 ft/min


Price at factory (1929) - $7,500, lowered to $6,700, and cut to $5,750 in June 1931.



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